Schemes and Agendas


I have a feeling that after this arc, Houtarou and the Classics Club might get a major popularity boost assuming Houtarou does solve and gets credit for the mystery.

But leaving that aside, I was more intrigued with Satoshi’s objectives. For some reason, I guess he’s relying on Houtarous’s power in order to experience an extraordinary high school life. Well, there’s nothing really wrong with his intentions but I just wonder why?

Or perhaps, I am mistaken in whatever his goals are. What kind of possibilities is Satoshi after?

I don’t know how significant Mayaka’s plot is with this Juumonji business but it’s really getting on my nerves. I really can’t believe that all this chick can do is to bully Houtarou yet can’t even stand up against her own tormentors. What the fuck man?!

My gut tells me that this arc is far from over. It may even be a prelude where that person finally makes his/her appearance. Well, for all we know, this may even be a challenge to Oreki but I digress.


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  1. x
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 02:24:15

    Well, to me this is a character building/development/fleshing-out arc for Chitanda, Ibara and Fukube. We get to see what Chitanda is really like when not interacting with Oreki (her clumsy fumbling around suggest a total lack of social awareness/experience). Now we know a large part of where Ibara’s frustrations really come from (that she seem to take out on Oreki and Fukube :p). We get a better glimpse of Fukube’s intentions that he hides so well (I sense jealousy, ambition and hubris, ironic for someone who sometimes seem to underestimate his own ability :p). I think all these explains their motivations in getting involved with the classics club. Oreki’s “special powers” aside, his willingness to put up with their antics, and befriending them despite them annoying him, makes him the unlikely best friend for these misfits :p.

    In this arc, I sense that Fukube wants to be the hero for a change. No idea exactly what he has in mind, but I suspect he wants to make a name for himself at least. Something he can claim for himself. Something he can be proud of. Something that will let him stand above others (specially those that annoy him), even if it is only for a moment. I won’t be surprised if Oreki might end up trying to give him the credit for solving this mystery, but he won’t be happy with that (he probably secretly want to surpass Oreki for once :p).

    As for Ibara, to me, she has always come across as someone who doesn’t know how to stand up for herself despite wanting to desperately. Her “bullying” Oreki has never been that successful in my view (Oreki can easily go loggerhead with her at any time). For the most part, I see Oreki give in to her (assuming Fukube does not intervene) only because it would be too much trouble otherwise, and he values her friendship despite the annoyance ;). Dealing with “senpai’s” is not easy, specially in that culture and setting. Ibara is also quite the loner, despite being so active. Her personality makes it hard for her to make friends I suppose. There’s also a sense of helpless frustration with herself. Wanting to be something more, but never seem to get anywhere near what she dreams of.

    Chitanda on the other hand continues to try very hard to improve herself. She ends up exhausting herself, working too hard, but not making much progress. She needs help, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone who is able to help her. She seem to be mostly oblivious to how others feel, despite being observant of things around her. I’m probably assuming too much, but I suspect that among all the classics club members, she may be the one who would benefit the most, if they ever get some serious guidance from Oreki’s sister.


  2. baka~
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 04:31:23

    Now that you put it, this arc just felt like payback from what happened during the OVA and the murder movie arc. If that arc showed how useless Oreki can be without his friends, this episode showed how worse they are faring without him.

    I have to admit, Fukube, Ibara, and Chitanda’s lives are quite boring if they take Oreki out of the picture.

    Now despite the valid explanation you gave concerning Fukube’s goals, I still believe that there’s something more to it. If Fukube considers himself as a database (of random/useless information), why does he want to go beyond the role of information keeper? Could it really be jealousy or the potential that Fukube seek is something more complex than that?

    As for Ibara and Chitanda, it’s kind of satisfying to see them have difficulty with their own issues, especially Ibara. She treats Oreki like shit most of the time yet when faced with her fellow manga club members, she can’t even do squat against them. This somehow cheapens her worth as a character since it leaves an impression that she only interacts with Oreki in order to vent out her anger and frustrations. against her comrades.


  3. x
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 10:10:21

    There’s one thing I’ve not been able to figure out about Ibara. Could she have some affections for Oreki? It seems to me she doesn’t know how to express herself well to people she wants to be close with. The more she lashes out at a person, the more she seem to care? Or something like that…


  4. baka~
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 13:31:50

    If you put it that way, it sounds more likely. She gives off tsundere vibes with Oreki while simply being dere~ with Fukube. If we put into consideration the fact that she confessed to Fuukube even before the series started (this was mentioned in the earlier episodes I think), I think her personality becomes clearer if we compare its similarity with Chihiro from Kaminomi and we can assume that whatever complex she has, we can base it with Chihiro and how she handled her “issues”.


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