Karma’s a Bitch!

Woooohooooo!! SAWA FTW!!

I originally thought that there’s nothing wrong about Wakana’s cold personality. After all, these guys tend to be the coolest characters later on. But goddammit! After what she did, prioritizing her grades over her mother, it’s hard not to get pissed at her!

Honestly Wakana, what the fuck is wrong with you! Haven’t you learned your lesson yet? Why do you keep on making the same mistakes?!

No, seriously, her decision to sell her piano is one lame excuse to run away from her sins and regrets. Why the fuck can’t she understand that the only way to redeem herself is to finish making her damn song and have the spirit of her mother listen to it?!… Or something along those lines. Seriously, she may be a hardworking student but her inability to understand people annoys me to no end.

I also wonder though, what could’ve influenced Wakana to become such a straight-laced student? If she’s under the influence by her mother and her father doesn’t look much like an overachiever, where the fuck did she get the idea that grades and studying are everything?!

Despite all my hatred for Wakana, I do like this episode. The character development that came from Taichi was unexpected, not to mention, the possible Sawa x Taichi pairing.

And where the fuck is Dora?!


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  1. x
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 00:25:34

    Heh. Well, not to defend her or anything, but we haven’t really gotten to see what Wakana’s father was really like before her mother passed on. Not to mention all the time where her parents kept her mother’s illness’ severity a secret didn’t really help. There’s more story to this than what was portrayed as we only see it from her point of view. I suspect if/when all of the past is really revealed, it might also explain why the school vice-principal, Sawa’s mother and all the other adult characters are the way they are, and how their actions/inactions might have help shaped Wakana to be who she is now.

    Sawa x Taichi huh? The guy probably has no idea how lucky he is :p.


  2. baka~
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 04:19:57

    Well, if anything, I’m more curious on how much her childhood was changed. From a warm daughter to a serious student who would even forsake spending time with her mother. What would be the cause of it? Surely there’s a motivation of some sort, something that must’ve influenced her to change.

    Though on another aspect, we’re also left to wonder why her mother’s illness was kept a secret and which people actually knew? Was it only Wakana’s father or were the principal and vice principal involved as well?


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