Mind over Matter

This episode pretty much reminds me of The Matrix especially with how the Incarnate System resembles Neo’s journey so that he could gain the ability to alter virtual reality.

Though for this series, there are some details I’m still unsure of. For starters, what does Sky Raker have to do with that system? Did she learn it after she lost her legs or did she learn it as she attempts to reach the sky? Also, seeing as the Incarnate System provides some sort of buff, what specific areas can this buff cover?

Aside from giving crow his new move as well as increasing the damage of his claws, can this grant him enhanced mobility and jumping power?

Well, it seems that next episode will be Haru’s and Taku’s rematch and from what I’ve been spoiled with so far. I sure hope I don’t break my stuff X_X


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  1. x
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 04:02:07

    Breather episode from all the frustration I guess. I anticipate the frustration to resume in the next episode. At least this anime doesn’t seem to be affected by Olympic broadcast :p (otherwise it would be a pain to resume with the story hanging like that).

    Haru continues to annoy me with his naivety, but I guess he’s just stuck with that as a permanent character trait. Still, as frustrating and annoying this arc has been, I’d say it’s about time they went through some trouble with some potential for real personal growth (even if I doubt they would change as much as I’d like them to, judging from what we have seen since the first episode so far :p).


  2. V
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 01:51:36

    Seeing the preview, this will begin the part where everyone will have to protect their monitor.
    Brace yourselves, the Rage is comming.


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