Only the Best

It doesn’t matter what this episode is about… SAWA’s BOOBS FTW!!

I guess the reason why Sawa and Wakana got along easily is due to their competitive nature. Wakana wanted to win the badminton match, since she seem to have taken interest in Konatsu’s devices and Sawa, only wanting her friend to get her act together.

Now to be honest here, I guess having Konatsu give up their spot (which is a good spot btw) and giving up because the competition is too good is a pretty contradicting display of personality. A few episodes ago, she was putting her will on the line in order to join the recital, even going as far as to create a different group but seeing as how she threw the towel, I was “WTF?! Why would she do that?!”

So after invoking Sawa’s godly wrath, Konatsu was brought back to her senses.

Next episode, it seems that we’ll be delving more into Wakana’s history of music as well as her ties with her mother.


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  1. x
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 03:59:28

    The interactions between Sawa and Konatsu is such a roller coaster ride in this episode :p. Really enjoyable episode, even if it feels a tiny bit too fast in my opinion. With Konatsu’s mood swinging from one end to the other, yet uncharacteristically not expressing all of it. This felt too rushed. There’s also more than a hint of jealousy from her. Sawa and Wakana getting along much better than she expected I guess. Seems like she was just lost and didn’t know what she wanted to do once she went into crazy fan mode. Good thing she has Sawa and the Queens to remind her of what’s important to her. Next episode should be interesting.


  2. baka~
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 16:21:02

    Well, despite saying that this felt too rushed, I think the pacing is quite slow. It just gives off a feel that the story will focus on a bit in Konatsu’s dreams despite the fact that this series has yet to tackle on Wakana’s issues as well as those two guys and probably, the “boss” of this series, the vice principal which seem to have strong ties with Wakana’s mother and the choir club.


  3. x
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 16:45:09

    Yeah, there’s still lots to tackle on Wakana’s issues and many related things. Also, we haven’t really dealt with Sawa yet :p. Not to forget the Taichi and badminton, “Wien” and whatever issues he has … etc. A lot of things link to Wakana’s mother, it does make me wonder if almost everything might one way or another end up being tied to that part of the story.


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