Needless to say, Inaba and Taichi seriously got on my nerves in this week’s episode. They have both their personalities, both their arguments, and both are logically acceptable.

Are you sure that the only one who'd break is't you?

Inaba’s worries are not unfounded but having her feed Taichi her opinion is quite an annoying sight. If there’s one thing that I hate, it’s forceful individuals who turn their opinions into facts and use it to rape the beliefs of others.

Taichi, on the other hand, follows the typical template of a male protagonist. Clueless to a fault but is able to lift the spirits of others, in this case, conveniently solving Yui’s phobia. While I have nothing against his eagerness to help, his naivety annoys me, much like how naive characters do. But well, everything went according to his wishes in this episode, and as convenient as it may be, it did serve its purpose in giving Inaba “hope” despite how she sees their current situation.

So the episode ends by giving us a cliffhanger. From Inaba’s conversation earlier, I guess she’s the only one who’s actually being stressed by all this swapping shit.


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  1. x
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 00:24:53

    From my impression of the story so far, Inaba might be the one who wants to keep her secrets hidden the most.

    The potential for romance drama is strong (Himeko Inaba -> Taichi? Taichi -> Iori? Iori -> Taichi? Yui -> Taichi? Yoshifumi Aoki -> Yui?), though somehow I can’t see this anime going that direction without some twist or cop out. All the characters seem cliché but with a twist of sorts. As annoying as Taichi is, I find him better than most other portrayal of naive characters as he is at least consistent. Inaba reminds me of myself a lot :p. Kind of a reminder of how annoying I can be ^^;. As for match ups, despite Inaba’s talk about Iori being a good match for Taichi, I see Inaba herself being a better match ;).

    Still not sure where all this is really going, but I suppose we haven’t reached the point where the serious consequences of the body switching is realised yet…


  2. baka~
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 10:57:07

    While I find the romantic connections possible, I do feel sorry for Aoki if this happens. Well, aside perhaps for his “living the moment” philosophy, I wonder if he’ll be able to do something GAR later on.

    Now that you mentioned consistency, I think Taichi resembles Kamijo Touma… Well, he may not be as hot-blooded as the Imagine Breaker but they do share charismatic traits as well as annoying ones.

    Well, seeing basing from the next episode’s preview, Inaba’s reasoning for putting up Iori with Taichi may even be her way of seeing the person she loves happy. For what reason she does this, we’ll just have to wait and see. I am also interested in seeing where her pessimistic perspective about this personality swap stems from.


  3. x
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 11:17:53

    Yeah, I would feel sorry for Aoki as well. Though I can’t see how things will ever turn out the way he wants, unless he changes dramatically.

    Taichi is hot-blooded enough to kick his own nuts ^^;. I think he has enough potential to get as hot-blooded as Touma given the right impetus :p. Though he might not have the ability to pull it off (need to do more workout as Yui would say :p).

    I’m also curious as to where Inaba’s cynicism and pessimism comes from. We haven’t really gotten to know her as much as the others.


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