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Haruyuki’s attitude pisses me off but I really can’t blame him for it seeing as I too shared similar sentiments. Yes, Haruyuki grew as a character as he learned the ropes of Brain Burst. He fought battles, won some, lost some, but to experience a defeat and humiliation of this scale is way too much. But you know, it is during tests like these that our true character shows.

And I have to admit that seeing Haruyuki like that disgusts me to the bone. Not just because he decided to give up or find Taku’s faults but rather, the attitude he’s displaying is what I did at some point back in my life. And while I have accepted that ugliness, that irritating feeling of seeing it happen on others makes me uncomfortable. To an extent, unbearable. I simply wanted to avert my gaze on Haru’s weakness but I can’t. Not because I am obliged to finish the episode but rather, to see how hard he is willing to crawl back from the hell that I’m quite familiar with.

And so, despite the excruciating scenes of Haru’s denial and fault finding, I was able to find reprieve in the most unexpected character.

The feeling of soaring the skies may have felt great to Haru but he lost the feeling that he had when he was crawling the ground. And I find it fitting for him to encounter Ash Roller this time around, in order to put him back to the way he was. After all, he won his battle without the help of his wings. He used his wit and courage to face an enemy without knowing anything but ever since he has gained an advantage, he became too reliant on it to the point that he lost his “fangs”.

Another thing that pisses me off with this episode is Chiyu’s ignorance. GODDAMN!! Can someone please beat some sense to this bitch?! How naive can this girl get?! While there’s nothing wrong with people having fun and enjoying games, I didn’t think that she’s that immature to actually see the world as a wonderland. Th fact that Haruyuki gets bullied, even before, is proof on how unfair the world is and Chiyuri lying to herself on how things will get better shows how crude she really is. And this trait kills characters. Ignorance may be a sin but it only becomes a threat if you can’t adapt with it.

So the question now, is how would Haru take back what he lost and how will this Sky Raker help him with it?


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  1. x
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 01:09:22


    I have pretty much the same reaction as you. Frustrated and worked up over Haru :p. Haru really needed this one way or another, otherwise I don’t see how he can grow from here on. He had it good ever since the start of this story, too good in my opinion, till he has become overconfident and idiotically too proud of his own abilities (ironic for a character who still have low self esteem, though not uncommon). Question is, will he be able to actually grow from this? Or will he end up with another crutch of sorts (like his wings previously). Not that crutches are bad, just that Haru needs to understand his own weakness and how to overcome them, rather than hide behind something.

    As for Chiyu, I had the same impression that you have in this episode since the first time I saw her in the manga (partly due to me knowing someone similar :p). Though it’s not her naivety or ignorance that gets me worked up. More of her hubris. Her attitude of insisting on her way without actually listening to others. Always thinking she is right. That the world will conform to her wishes if she throws a tantrum hard enough. Show her tears and someone will grant her demands. I suppose having two guys willing to pamper her and give in to her fancies has allowed her to develop a distorted view of friendships, relationships and even the world. Will we see any growth from Chiyu from this incident? From the way the story has gone so far, I have my doubts. She may become worst before she can even have a chance of becoming better. Though I hope to be completely wrong ^^;.


  2. V
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 14:15:24

    Well, as a LN reader the only thing i can say about Chiyu right now is “wait, see, and then rage”
    oh and there´s a little bonus gift this episode, that is, Ash Roller´s IRL persona appears as a cameo in one of the scenes 😛


  3. baka~
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 18:47:49


    I hope I don’t impulsively bash my monitor when it comes to Chiyu

    I’m guessing he’s the frowning dude O_O


  4. V
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 08:32:36

    Just wait and see, just keep away from the monitor, we don`t want you stop writing because an injured hand, as for Ash-san, you missed!,
    i will looking forward to your next reviews as always.


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