Bound by Sound

Cutest squeak ever!!

The pacing was really slow around the first episode but it quickly picked up by the second and before I knew it, I was enjoying this anime.

Now not to be discriminatory but I wonder what purpose the guys of this series serve? Not that they’re useless but the girls of this series is already carrying the show. And it’s not just the voice but the character development and their personalities are lovable… not to mention, Sawa-chan’s huge rack!


Now I originally thought that this series was serious. I mean, Wakana was going tsundere for awhile and the vice principal was being a bitch but after the recital, everything felt calmer. Wakana was more approachable than I thought and both the principal and vice principal seem to have their reasons regarding the choir club.

So far, this series was unexpectedly enjoyable and I look forward to the next episode!

The voice cast, especially the women, fit the singing capacity of the female characters and the characters, in general, have a number of interesting sides to them. Even the guys which I see to be filler content (for the purpose of completing the choir) seem to have their own issues that will be brought up later on by the series.

Womanly Charms are strong with this series... Danger lurks over the horizon


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  1. x
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 04:42:42

    Last season we had jazz anime, this season we have a choir XD. I’m surprised at how good the comedy works with the plot so far (unlike Hanasaku where the comedy and drama seem to work against each other). Loving how this is turning out, even with all the angst :p. Art and animation are beautiful. Only complain is how some scenes have odd perspectives or something, specially with scenes where there are bicycles that travel in perfect straight lines ^^;.


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