Nothing New

To be honest, I find Kio’s resolve to decapitate enemies much more convincing than Kira’s resolve when he uses SeeD. A child coming up with a conclusion by basing it from the perspective of his gramps, his dad, and the enemy, is quite a huge leap of character development. I’m not saying that Kira never experienced such epiphanies when he was looking for his answer as well as his usage of SeeD. But rather, their difference in maturity make Kio’s case more reasonable.

Let’s conveniently use the device known as AGE.

Kio is a child. Children can be taught what is right or wrong by the influence of the adults around them and this is what literally happened. He followed the footsteps of his deranged grandfather, he saw the reasoning of his father, and felt the hardship of Vagan and from there, he was able to derive a path on his own.

Kira, on another hand, is a teenager. But his naivety blinded him from seeing the universe in conflict so it took him quite some time to understand what the shit was going on. And to be honest, differentiating right from wrong is something that most teenagers should know. Even if he was residing in a neutral colony before he was hurled into the war, the fact remains that his ignorance, despite being mature enough, is quite an unacceptable development.

But well, to each their own circumstance.

And while I approve of Kio’s character development, this ocular evolution in the Gundam Series has been quite an annoying trend imo. I kinda miss the days where pilots never have to go into trance-like states where their eyes change just to show they plan on doing something IMBA. God, I really miss the time when pilots are just normal people doing their best in a war. Just to be clear though, newtypes are fine. The same with innovators and X-rounders, but I just wish they avoided messing with the eyes.

It kinda loses the distinction between Gundam protagonists nowadays. Take for instance, I remember Domon Kasshu because of the tights and the Shining/God Finger, Heero Yuy for being an emo kid, and Kira Yamato for the eyes… which isn’t really that imposing anymore considering the main characters of SeeD/Destiny had them then there came Innovators and now, this.

Being a long fan of automated mobile armaments such as bits/funnels/fangs/dragons, I have to say that I was looking forward to what AGE-FX has to offer and while it may lack the IMBA-factor when compared with its predecessors, I think this balance makes this unit more appealing.

Unlike the traditional automated armaments that is capable of covering the entire battlefield due to their mobility and capability to snipe enemies from afar, the C-Funnels doesn’t seem to have that commonly utilized range advantage. It may have amazing mobility and offensive and defensive capabilities but it can never be used to cover so much ground by gunning enemies down. So it’s not a purely overpowered machine that abuses/maximizes Kio’s X-Rounder abilities. It is simply a machine that is capable of matching up with Kio’s capability minus the robust features of its predecessors.

But despite the awesomeness of AGE-FX, i’d still root for AGE-2 Double Bullet. The mobility of that machine as well as its ability to “dance” on the battlefield while covering so much range with its huge beam sabers is still a pretty amazing sight to behold.


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