Solitary Path

This episode fleshed out more of the game’s mechanics as well as revisiting concepts used in MMOs nowadays. In this case, having a Party.

I have to admit that I was impressed with Diabel’s leadership. Regardless of the fact that he abused his status as a Beta Tester in order to obtain the boss reward, he did a splendid job in conveying the importance of parties and team work. The way he barked out his orders and made everyone do their roles, keeping pressure to the boss and keeping the mobs at bay was well executed. To be honest, I didn’t expect to be written out of the story this early.

This episode also showed the complacency generated by being a Beta Tester. Despite the fact that Diabel encountered this boss before, he was quite lax and never noticed the difference when the boss changed his weapon. I guess it shows that despite their advantage, not all Beta Testers know how to fully use it. In the end, information is meaningless if one does not make the most of what they learned.

Also, by having Kirito’s status of forever alone guy cemented by taking all the blame in order to protect the ideals that Diabel desired, I guess his status as a Beater will forever shun him from having parties. At this point, he’d be constantly under a disadvantage when it comes to fighting bosses or overpowered mobs… Unless of course, Kirito becomes OP later on.

Despite the MMO presentation of this series, I’m still wondering how the SWITCH system works. This feature seem to be most useful in conventional RPG, in this case, I’m reminded of a similar system used in Mana Khemia: Student Alliance. But for an MMO setting, I really think this slows down the capability to have every player gang up on the boss. Unless this has the ability to reduce agro or something. But whatever, I think it was pretty awesome how Kirito combo’ed with Asuna using the SWITCH mechanic.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 16:56:24

    As good as the first episode. Still not sure about the story. It feels like we never really get to know the characters. Action looks good though. Keeps me interested enough I guess. I like how it has been mostly straightforward so far.


  2. baka~
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 01:49:43

    I think this is the type to invest in developing the main characters rather than the side ones. And yeah, the RPG feel to it is quite consistent so I was really feeling the boss scene though I think it’s quite overpowered despite their numbers advantage


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