Harem Hope

With comedic punchlines that mostly connect to the viewer to appealing visual art, and a not-too-serious protagonist, Koichoco is most likely a good pick for this season under my criteria of slice-of-life harem.

Technically, you can get away from a speeding ticket by showing your boobs

And despite the fact that this series started good, the accident at the start hints of something ominous working under the shadows. I wonder how their agendas would intersect with each other, especially with the Food Club’s attempt, later on.


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  1. x
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 06:26:52

    This one was rather odd, with the accident at the start. After watching that, I found myself having trouble getting into the comedy in the rest of the episode ^^;. It’s all cliché. Reminds me a lot about Amagami SS (same designers and animators). Some character interactions remind me of IdolM@ster :p. There’s a bit of Negima feel to some of the characters as well. Don’t really like the school politics back story, but I’ll probably watch this for the art and animation ;).


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