Where Fate Begins

Who would’ve thought that an ordinary day of playing MMO could turn out to be so fatal. Imo, this episode did a splendid job in introducing the game mechanics as well as our protagonist. Well, if one has background with how most MMO work, then the following bits of info wouldn’t be that much important.

Off the record, the Action MMO that I played recently (Dragon Nest, Continent of the Ninth) uses a stage-based approach when handling the adventure experience but SAO took the default world-scale approach and from there, a lot of dynamics that I was familiar with since my Ragnarok Online days came rushing back, in this episode, the issue of scarcity.

And I think, issues like these adds tension to the environment created by SAO. I mean, Kirito already knew that sooner or later, the resources of the lower floors would be overrun and leveling and gearing will be difficult. But well, I think Kirito cheated in a way since he was a Beta Tester for the game. Whatever hardships that new players will face, he already faced before and the fact that he died a number of times back then is knowledge that puts him in a great advantage among others. For Kirito as a beta tester, failure would mean “Try Again” so he had the opportunity to experience everything in the virtual world. From the pain of taking damage, to the feeling of dying and respawning, but this time, any wrong move may even be your last.

So far, I am pleased with this episode. I guess, despite the tutorial-ish approach that would bore most players/viewers (like me) the scenery and Kajiuran music really knocked off a good start.


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  1. Rusaku Moyoko
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 21:24:51

    ”But well, I think Kirito cheated in a way since he was a Beta Tester for the game.”
    Well I won’t call it cheating, he just used the information he gathered being a beta tester. But the other players sees all beta testers as Beaters (a mixture of the word BEta tester and cheATER) as time passes by because some of the beta testers monopolized the info and didn\’t help in the clearing of the floor.

    Seeing the first episode made me glad that they didn’t screwed up any part of the novel, and just guessing that ep.1~12 will be a mixture of Vol.1, 2 and Aria of the starless night. Now just wished that they animated Vol.1 chapter 16.5 (Those who read the novel will get what I mean hehehe)


  2. x
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 06:06:29

    Never read the novel or any other material related to this series but have been hearing lots of hype since who knows when XD. Well, this first episode was nicely done. Graphically it was stunning, reminded me of GC (though I’m very very confident that this won’t turn out like that show :p). Hope this will turn out really good, though I still have my doubts ;).


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