The Unseen Hand

This episode gives off a lot of antagonistic vibes, not just from The Empress herself and some unseen motherfucker, but even from Houtarou’s allies and for some reason, it pisses me off.

As far as how Houtarou’s friends gave him constructive criticism, I think there’s nothing actually wrong with that, but seeing them approach him confrontationally really grinds my nerves. True, he may have been swayed by the words of some high class bitch but they have no right to go straight at him and imply “your solution sucks”. To Houtarou’s defense, he contributed a lot more than those three. He made his mind work in order to drive to a solution and for this case, I think it’s already an achievement that he was able to drive a conclusive way of ending it.

Besides, after all their speculation on what Hongou “truly wants”, in the end, none of them got it right as she revealed herself that what she desired is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Now we don’t know if this is what she truly wanted or if she simply sugarcoated her desires to match the conclusion, as shown by the movie, but the point is, no one can accurately guess what she’s thinking.

Chitanda and Co. tries to see it in her shoes, and while they are close to the truth, they never actually managed to nab it on. Houtarou on the other hand, look at it from a realistic perspective, from what data he has collated. And while he may have missed some of the details such as the rope, he still managed to pursue a realistic ending.

That aside, I’m getting curious on this me~ character. This guy has “boss antagonist” vibes attached to it and may even know Houtarou’s strength and weakness even before this series began. And I doubt this would be Houtarou’s sister. And I guess, the reason why I get riled up by this guy is because of this feeling of how he’s able to understand others. A trait that seem to be the antithesis of Houtarou’s ability to understand situations.


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  1. x
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 15:59:04

    Heh. Well, if this isn’t his sister, whoever-this-is sure knows way too much about him and his situation. Also, the hint that this person is supposedly far away would be quite the troll.

    Yeah, this episode pissed me off too.

    I think the whole reason they approach him this way, was mainly because they subconsciously didn’t want to point a finger at Irisu. If there’s anyone who is supposed to consider this project important, it would be Irisu. Irisu was the one that approved whatever Oreki suggested. If there were any mistakes made, Irisu should have been the one to notice it first. Of course it would be hard for the three of them to criticise her in any way, being a “senpai”, the “empress” and all that crap. Not to mention that she is a friend to Chitanda, and was supposedly respected by Fukube. So, they turn their frustration on Oreki instead. They never “nab” on the truth for the same reason. They won’t/can’t see Irisu as the one responsible.

    As I said before, by giving Oreki the credits, Irisu has also given him the blame for any issues that arises from his solution. And given how this is a problem without a true solution, there are bound to be issues with any solution, more so when the true nature of the problem was not discovered.

    As for Hongou, I’m betting her final answer is part truth, part sugar-coating and part only in retrospect. She may have started with that desire, but she also had her own ideas for the movie (that supposedly never really got expressed due to her timidity). Even with that answer, she herself can also be considered a member of “everyone”. Could she really say she had “fun” working “together” with everyone?


  2. baka~
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 16:25:47

    Since you mentioned “timidity”, I suddenly had this urge to connect Hongou with Chitanda’s uncle, Jun. Both are timid individuals that got caught up by manipulative entities and ended up “dying for the sake of others”. In this case, Hongou’s idea died when the group didn’t agree on the zero deaths scheme and Jun got sacrificed for the sake of the school. And while we’re at it, the onsen arc (the siblings) also showed such similarity.

    Adding on to the chain would be Houtarou, and I can’t help get rid of this ominous feeling that sooner or later, he will be the one who “dies”.

    After all, the series’ Hyouka “I Scream” somehow represents the wishes that were unheard. Who knows what that invisible bastard has in store for our protagonist.


  3. x
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 06:34:10

    Yeah, this series seem to have something to say about timidity. I can’t really see Houtarou as really timid though. Houtarou seem to be coming out of his shell somewhat (for better and for worst). Not sure where things will be going for him, but there’s that struggle to be “ordinary” he has going, and I don’t think that’s working out for him now. I do worry about Satoshi as well. There seem to be a number of unresolved issues there.

    BTW, I just watched the first episode of Natsuyuki Rendezvous. Looks like another interesting romance. Has a slice of life feel (though I’m expecting some drama). Finally a romance that isn’t school life focused :p. This kind of anime is so rare (well, non-school-life anime is rare enough XD).


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