Tremble the Soul

Despite Kaoru being a total ass before he grew up real balls after 8 years, this episode wrapped up everything nicely. Symbolic of the slope that bound them together, after 8 years, friends got reunited by the very path that lead them.

And while I was expecting Kaoru to rage (probably he did that after a nice cup of tea), it goes without saying that a reunion of two close friends should be blessed by a ritual they often shared together. And while I mentioned this on my earlier posts, let me say it again, I really love how this series manipulates emotions through music.

If anything, this is probably one of this series’ charms. It makes use of every moment effectively, from character development, to distracting viewers with a good mix of jazz.

Needless to say, Sakamichi no Apollon is so damn good. From the story, to the characters, to the voice cast, and the music, everything blended so perfectly that if there were even inconsistencies, it’s either I didn’t notice it or simply turned a blind eye.

I have to admit, this series was unexpectedly awesome and one of the best that the previous season has to offer.


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  1. x
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 02:21:47

    Yeah, this was one of the best in the previous season. My only complain is that it could have been even better still, had they been given double the number of episodes to tell the story. This was really enjoyable and really well done.

    After watching the last episode, I decided to read the manga, all nine volumes of it (can’t seem to find the tenth volume side story :p). Initially I thought this anime was rushed, but it turns out that was an illusion. The pacing of the anime seem to follow the manga initially, but the anime accelerated exponentially as the episodes went on. This was specially noticeable in the last episode, where they modified the plot and scenes to finish it up.

    They skipped almost everything in volume nine. Eleven episodes covering eight volumes (five chapters each volume) with minor changes and more rushed in the later episodes. Last episode felt more like an anime original retelling.

    After reading the manga, I feel like the decision to only have twelve episodes cheated the audience of an ending that would have been much more satisfying. Not that I think that the anime ending was bad in any way, but it could have been a lot better if they were given more episodes to tell the story.

    I know that this kind of story almost never get more than twelve episodes in anime :(, but I still feel it’s rather unfair that lower quality material end up getting seasons after seasons of continuation, while this relatively short story doesn’t even get the chance to get adapted in its entirety.


  2. baka~
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 18:19:48

    Can you think of a reason why they decided to omit some parts? The anime ending is satisfactory imo though you seem to imply that the manga has a more clean and proper resolution.

    Do you think having this run for 20+ episodes better than the default 12?


  3. x
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 05:35:59

    Well, they skipped out on significant details about Kaoru and his mother. They skipped the entire arc about Kaoru while he was in med school and his separation from Ritsuko (hope that’s not too much of a spoiler :p). There were details that bring together many of the other characters in the ending for the manga that were skipped entirely in the anime. Having said that, I’m not saying that the anime ending was not satisfactory. It was, just that the anime ending gives a feel of Bakuman (manga) style ending, without involving the many plots in the story. Whereas the manga ending feels more complete, and goes a little beyond the anime ending.

    The only reason (that can I see) for omitting the parts they did, is that they don’t have enough time with so few episodes. Unless they end up rushing even more than what was done in Zetman, I don’t think there was a way to fit it all into twelve episodes.

    I do think that if this were twenty plus episodes, it would have been even better than what we saw with twelve episodes (assuming the quality stayed the same ;)).


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