To the New Frontier

And after a spectacular display of a pirate’s cunning and adherence to teamwork, the pirates were able to whoop Quartz Christie’s shiny ass back to where she came from. I have to say, this episode was epic. I never thought that these guys would be able to defeat such overpowered machines and doing so in style.

26 episodes felt like a really long ride for this series but I really enjoyed it. Sure, this series did have some shortcomings but the overall entertainment value that this provided outweighs its negatives. And while this final episode did a proper job of ending the series, it still opens the possibility of a continuation, which I honestly hope for.

Of course, what would be a great series if it was not supported by an amazing Seiyuu cast? From Shizuka Itou to rising star Ai Kayano supporting the main characters voiced by the always amazing Kana Hanazawa and the aspiring Mikako Komatsu, it just shows how much effort was dedicated in order to make this show a success. And I personally think that Komatsu outdid herself as Marika. I hope she would have more roles to take on in the future.

Man, so much rookies these days brimming with talent.


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  1. x
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 00:10:06

    Sigh, I guess I fell for another Kana Hana voiced character XD.

    Great episode, and yeah, I wish for another season of this :p. Will miss this one a lot despite finding the silliness over the top in some episodes ;).


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