It’s a Ghost Love Story

You guys may have sucked the first few episodes but I honestly teared up at this scene... Just fuck you, you troll assholes! FUCK YOU!! T_T

I love cliche endings especially the romantic, cheesy types that could tingle my tear buds. So yeah, this episode did one goodbye troll before showing us a happy ending. I was honestly rooting for Kirie to grab the chance now that Yuuuko is gone but whatever. Medetashi medetashi bitches! FUCK YEAH!!

Overall, Tasogare x Otome Amnesia is a poorly orchestrated anime and to be honest, that in itself is a pity. The fact that the last few episodes were damn good is proof of how this series could’ve turned out for the better during the earlier episodes. Well, this series’ downfall is largely contributed by its suck animation quality. Not being able to reach Maybe-sensei’s level is a piss off as it is since that is one of the qualities that I enjoyed in the manga.

Of course, they have been faithful, more or less, with the adaptation with the original content, with the anime covering only Yuuko’s story despite the other antics that the manga had in abundance. I guess it’s one of my faults of accusing this series early. I should’ve anticipated it would deviate from the usual adaptation scheme and would opt to go directly and solve Yuuko’s case rather than tackle all the other interesting issues of that world.

I guess for non-Maybe fans or those with no background of the manga, this series would perhaps rank in with a much better approval. The narrative of Yuuko’s story leading up to the anime-original conclusion was decent and the cast was really superb. If you can withstand the intricacies of animation quality, then this series might end up to be worth the time.


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  1. x
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 20:54:22

    Heh, yeah, the ending was a cop out of sorts to give a “happy end” (sort of disappointing after all the drama in this episode), but I’ll give them a pass for that :p (I probably wouldn’t want one of those sad Korean drama endings either). This anime was good aside from some of the art and animation in the early episodes. As someone who read the manga, it does feel less satisfying than I thought it could be, but the last four episodes was good. Still don’t like some of the colours used, but I’ll have to somehow get over that to deal with any anime by this studio :(.


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