What goes around comes around

It took 9 episodes for this series to get this good and honestly, it’s quite a shame. If they could pull this off earlier, everything would’ve been fine but looking back, I don’t really approve of their strategy to build up to this episode for a number of episodes.

So as it turns out, the reason why Niiya was able to see Yuuko was because of his grandmother, the woman whom Yuuko risked her life for. As Yukariko mentioned, only those who are involved can see Yuuko and in her case, she sees Yuuko’s darkness but doesn’t seem to have the ability to communicate with it or perhaps, fear overwhelmed her. That aside, this is one good anime original adaptation and to be honest, I like the anime’s Yukariko than the manga which has that antagonistic feel to her.

Well, it looks like Yuuko’s time as a ghost is running short after her reconciliation with her other self. I wonder if they would resolve this series properly by the next episode.

Oh and for the record, recalling how much shit Shadow Yuuko suffered and how Niiya broke down, I have to admit that I teared up a bit.


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  1. x
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 02:39:50

    This was pretty good as you say baka~. I wonder if Maybe had any input into this “anime original” ending. Well, one more episode left to watch. I hope they don’t mess it up the last one.

    Just watched Kokoro Connect first episode pre-air. Same studio, same director. Art looks better than Amnesia overall I think (though Amnesia ep9 onwards looked pretty good as well). Still have weird colours (specially noticeable in outdoor scenes). Though it sort of gets away with it with the painted canvas look. Animation looks better than the first Amnesia episode I think. Character designs look obviously done by the one who did K-ON. Story is as confusing as the first chapter of the manga (makes me wonder if the novel was the same). After watching the first episode, I barely have any idea of who is who, and what is going on :p. Not sure if I will want to pick this up, but at least this studio is showing signs of improving I suppose.


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