Born at World’s End

Well that wasn’t the ending I expected. To be honest here, I was expecting a dramatic destruction of the city but the ruin came like a swift vengeance. Everything was consumed, everything was destryoed, and by some sheer hand of fate, Kiritsugu was able to save Shiro, untarnished from the grail, and Kirei and Gil were able to survive, being crowned as the victors.

Naked Gil is way better than sparkly vampires or half-naked werewolves

This also closed as much of the gaps regarding our characters. From Sakura to Rin, to Emiya’s successor and even to Arthuria and her desire to badly win the grail.

Now first things first, Jin Kariya was definitely the class clown of this series and I honestly feel sorry for him. The fact that he devoted his life for a cause and was betrayed by it is the greatest cycle of tragedy and irony and for some reason, I hated it. Well, I admire the conception of the character but having a soft spot for underdogs, I hated how he ended up in this series. Being Kariya truly is suffering.

If there’s one thing I hated this episode for, it would be the fact that it was not Noriaki Sugiyama who voiced Emiya Shiro. I mean, the cast from the Fate/Stay series were there so it would be damn ironic for the main protagonist to not be voiced by the same guy.

I also like how this episode gave a proper closure yet maintained the plot devices “to be seen” in the Fate Stay series such as Avalon being given to Shiro and how Rin and Sakura found their “salvation” when they saw him doing his best (I guess this was in the visual novels).

Finally, if there’s one thing that bugs me, it would have to be Saber. The Saber of Fate Zero may be the same Saber of Fate Stay but both of them are oddly different. Personality-wise, they are both stubborn yet resolute but it just feels as if they didn’t grow in the character development department. Or rather, the entire growth of Saber as a character spanned in the duration of the two series.

If I have to put it, it’s as if Fate Zero Saber ends the series still disillusioned by the Holy Grail. Her attempt to make it hers in order to correct her mistakes has been cemented as her reason for joining the next war (I think the grail picks its champions at random so bear with me here). While the Fate Stay Saber has her resolve challenged over and over by the stubbornness of Emiya Shiro up to the point where she gladly accepts her fate and was willing to destroy the Holy Grail upon Shiro’s command.

In which I ask, why didn’t the grail spill when Shiro ordered it destroyed? What’s the difference between his methods and Emiya’s?

Despite having some visual flaws, overall, Fate Zero is a good series and I was convinced on how it paved the path connecting to its sequel, Fate Stay Night. The dark feel of the story was well thought out imo and the seiyuu cast, except for young Shiro, was excellent.

Even if one does not have background regarding the Fate franchise or the Type Moon world, Fate Zero is one good anime to spend time with.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jun 24, 2012 @ 22:57:21

    Finally, it’s over. After crying week after week, I can say goodbye. Best Fate/* anime ever. Don’t think I’ll want to rewatch though. I’ve cried enough (even in this episode).

    As for why the same thing didn’t happen in F/SN when Saber destroyed the grail? My guess is that this mess was caused due to Kiritsugu rejecting the grail, the grail turned to Kirei, Kirei’s “wish” was this.


  2. baka~
    Jun 24, 2012 @ 23:28:18

    Well, I don’t know how invincible the grail becomes once it has chosen a victor but the idea of Saber being reluctant to destroy the grail despite under the command seal is plausible. After all, I think Shiro used a command seal to have Saber destroy the grail since her power won’t be enough to accomplish it.

    But yeah, I love the dark tale that Fate Zero introduced compared to Fate Stay’s slice of life approach.


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