As Emotions Swirl

After three weeks worth of anime piling up it finally comes down to this series. To be honest, I was considering on dropping this like with Nazo Kanojo X but after watching the episode where I left off, I was reminded on how GOOD this anime is.

That is to say, the consistency of this series when it comes to appeal and content was faithful. While the series doesn’t have that much impact (since I saved this for last considering my list of anime), overall, the episodic material is strong enough to reel me back in.

From episode 8 to 9, I would like to note how amazing it is for conflicts to be resolved using music as a medium. Well, from the perspective of someone who watched the Yugioh series, I find it absurd to learn how people deal with their issues by a game of cards… Which often involves putting their lives on the line. In this series, there’s something romantic when the characters duke it against each other using their musical expertise. Whether it be the issue of friendship or love, going at it through music is a spectacle to behold for this series.

The character development within a span of 3 episodes was overwhelming. From Jun’s and Yurika’s issues to the love triangle Kaoru x Ritsuku x Sentarou.

I think having Jun and Yurika out of the picture would shift this series’ focus to the love triangle. Well, I do feel sorry for Sentarou considering he lost Yurika to Jun and it looks like he’s going to lose Ritsuko to Kaoru. The only way to turn this around is if Kaoru receives another order from his father to relocate.

Despite my hatred for annoying/undecisive female characters, I don’t find Ritsuko grinding my nerves. If anything, her display of uncertainty proves the authenticity of her emotions. A young maiden in love really does a lot of bullshit but since Ritsuku isn’t the overbearing type, I don’t mind.


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  1. x
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 00:25:21

    I guess the good thing about this anime is that it doesn’t give us much time to agonise over anything that would normally annoy us to no end over 10 episodes (it gets done in 3 or 4 episodes max, most of the time it’s done in 1 :p). The same with Zetman as well XD. Having said that, I don’t think I could ever get angry at Ritsuko ;).

    The bad thing is, I feel as if I’ve been cheated of quite a lot of really interesting drama, and this anime will end before I’ve even settled down enough to really enjoy the character interactions (I guess I have to make do with Hyouka for that :p). Still, this is a great anime that I would recommend to many people.


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