To Another Battle

A man in a suit of armor, take that away and what are you?

While this isn’t the first time Haru tasted defeat, the loss he suffered in this episode during their territory match gave him a rude awakening on how useless he really is. Well sure he is average when it comes to close combat but against snipers, he can’t even hold his ground.

Despite all that, I strongly disapprove of Haru’s methods when it comes to his evasion training. I understand his desperation but motivating himself through pain is just the wrong way to go.

But the main highlight of this episode would be the loli above, Scarlet Rain, the 2nd Red King, voiced by Hidaka Rina. I have to say, after all my suspicions, she turned out the way I expected her to: A FUCKING YANDERE!!

I have a feeling that a lot of characters have been underestimating Haru way too much. Sure he may be considered as a weak point to his comrades, he is clumsy and gullible, but he still has protagonist powers! So it’s no surprise that once he uses them, he gets into awkward girl flags and heaps of fanservice!

I did enjoy his battle though, at least he was able to put into practice his extreme training and he held his ground against a king. Well, even though Haru fights alongside Kuroyuki, I guess the experience in fighting against another King with a different style is a welcome change of pace. Not that they have sparred already (I guess so) but from what we’ve seen, Kuroyuki is a skilled close combat King and when it comes to close combat, Haru is mediocre. His fight style as Silver Crow has focused in hit and run tactics.

With a promise to let Scarlet Rain meet with Kuroyuki, I wonder what she wants. There’s some weird monster on the rampage so I’me guessing she’s off to ask for Kuroyuki’s help.


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  1. x
    May 27, 2012 @ 01:34:51

    Protagonist powers indeed XD. Doubt we will ever see him make full use of them though :p. Still, I have to say I like Haru better than many others who have been given such powers ;).


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