The Bleeding God

As I was expecting, the pressure that Keima bottled up begins to crack

With no signs of this series ending (I sure do hope so), the goddess arc concludes but with it are issues to be addressed with. For starters, what became of Vintage? They simply stopped the invasion but the entirety of Hell is still under Vintage’s control. And even if Akari seem to be a key person in the New Hell’s counterattack, I think Keima and the gang will find themselves dragged on with the new conflict.

That aside, I do hope Keima gets to have a rest. For the past few months, he pushed himself past the threshold of mortals. Figuratively speaking, he became a God and a Demon in such short notice and I doubt any normal individual could muster such a feat. I mean, to take responsibility, physical abuse (thanks to the Goddesses), and toy with people’s emotions, you have to give this guy credit.

Lastly, Chihiro being able to see the Goddesses must mean something. Whether or not she will be dragged in the coming series of conflicts is still a big question but if there’s anything that the next chapter should offer, it would be an explanation to Chihiro.

I find it ironic for a girl who had issues of not standing out (her first arc) to turn a new leaf then suddenly be put in an awkward position where she is left out. She assisted in the Goddess arc and took a certain amount of hurt from Keima so she should at least be informed of what happened and why.


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  1. x
    May 26, 2012 @ 23:28:51

    Saddest chapter yet for me. Specially with the song they sing being the same as the one from the anime (Hajimete Koi wo Shita Kioku). No idea where this will go next, but wow, what a chapter. With the emotions running high for most of the major characters, this chapter was heavy. Judging from all the loose ends and the hints of more to come in almost every other panel from the last few chapters, this manga definitely does not look like it is ending any time soon (barring some unforeseen real life circumstances). Can hardly wait to see what comes next…


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