The Joys of MMO

Never tell a girl things about her breasts!!

So this episode discussed further some details of the Accelerated World which would be
the chemical elements that contribute greatly to an avatar’s ability and stats. It also explored a bit further, the uses of the special bar but only from haru’s perspective.

As seen with how the fights on his side went, his flight mode seem to act as a temporary buff that can be used as long as his special gauge is full but recalling that he did fly to land down before the battle started, I think this part is still unclear to me

It seems that X nailed it with his comment that Taku is doing these things for his atonement. Despite not shown in great detail, Kuroyuki’s battle with Taku to pound some sense into him did serve as one of the turning points in his quest for redemtpion. And as hinted by him calling her ‘Master’, it seems that he’ll join the ranks of Nega Nebula

I was having doubts with Aqua Current’s intentions and almost went “as expected” when she threatened Haru that she plans on stealing everything. Good thing that she’s simply teasing the poor guy otherwise, he’d be minced meat.

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  1. x
    May 20, 2012 @ 16:30:19

    His flight mode seems to rely on his emotions and determinations more than anything else XD. Yeah, not sure how that works. Love the action, the teasing and the art. Sigh, if Haru really becomes a harem lead, it would feel weird :p, but it has been fun so far. Come to think of it, Haru’s appearance remind me of Nikumaru from Sasuga no Sarutobi ;). Though almost everything else about these two are totally different like night and day ^^;


  2. baka~
    May 22, 2012 @ 22:55:29

    My background with anime didn’t cover Sasuga no Sarutobi but seeing from the reviews, that guys is definitely someone Haru may never be due to his careful nature. But well, seeing that that series IS for comedic entertainment, I guess it reminded me of a few gag shows here in my country where chubby protagonists are best used as comic reliefs.


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