Copy Cat

When manga adaptations go wrong, I just can’t bring myself to give up, even if that is the most logical course of action, in order to save my sorry ass from disappointment.

This episode had so much wasted potential. Well, nothing new if you’ve been following my ramblings on how shit this series is turning out when it comes to adaptations but again, the direction and animation has been consistently a waste.

For instance, take that scene where Kirie enjoys the school festival with Okonogi.

For some reason, seeing a series of still images while Kirie and Okonogi converse with each other felt rather weak. The mood that this scene was supposed to portray has died along the way as I found myself uninterested to their conversation.

And there’s also this scene where Kirie closes her eyes to… er.. let Niiya’s compliment sink in to her? I dunno what this scene was supposed to be but it was fucking long. This segment was so fucking abnormal that I don’t even understand why it had to take a couple of frames before she actually closes her eyes.

Despite my rants, this episode surprisingly turned out fine. The content proved to be better than the original material since they detailed the development of Okonogi and Kirie’s relationship as well as a much deeper perspective of Kirie’s anxieties.

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  1. x
    May 13, 2012 @ 08:55:03

    Well, if I take this as an comedy only alternate take of the manga story, I think this episode was okay. Not great, but okay. Still, had I not read the manga and had some invested interest in the characters, I think I would have dropped this by now. The art annoys me too much for me to see this as anything but just a half ass job, there’s not enough consistency, the animation is disappointing, with many scenes ending up being replaced with stills. The jokes only work less than half the time for me, and the plot going from one episode to the next seem so random. If I had not read the manga, I would have very little interest in the characters with the way they are introduced in this anime. Having said all that, I’ll probably continue watching due to liking the voices ;).


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