Captain Anus

My apologies about the title. This is simply what happens when I just got home from work and heard something idiotic.

I have high hopes that this final installment of the AGE series will flop. From the DIVA’s crew to Kio’s obvious stronger X-Rounder powers, that both Zeheart and Flit couldn’t even see, up to the point that the AGE weapon kept making ridiculous upgrades every fucking time.

I mean honestly, that shit is able to create a portable Photon Ring Ray from scrap materials? What the honest fuck. That device is capable of making and giving portable Death Stars to allies? FOR REAL?!

But I’d rather avoid talking about mecha for awhile. If anything, the main highlight of this episode would be the Diva and its new crew.

You better be a super pilot by now Obright! Show me what you can do!

Ah scratch that, Captain Anus should be enough. If there’s anything that this episode had to offer, it would be…

FINALLY! Someone capable of kicking Flit out of his high horse. Seriously, that fucker needs to know his place. He may have a good record during his service but a retiree IS a retiree.

The bad news though is I get to endure another one of Flit’s selfish brainwashing. Honestly, how this fucker keeps using his family to further his own goals of revenge is getting on my nerves! Goddamn you Flit!!


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