Break the Sky

Power-ups are really amazing!!

I’m pretty much curious about Haru’s special move. Will he lose his flight mode once his special gauge empties or is this permanently activated throughout the duration of the battle? No matter, aside from Haru embracing and accepting his limitations, and consequently, unlocking his avatar’s potential, it’s quite an interesting angle to hear Taku on his side of things.

I don’t know though if Haru should be the one to be blamed for Chiyu’s way of thinking but as far as the previous episodes show, he’s been putting into consideration the relationship that he has with his friends. The fact that Haru does not want to worry Chiyu and tries his best to not get Taku involved is a message that he’s simply drawing a line between their relationship.

It isn’t wrong for Taku to blame Haru but he’s also the one at fault for not doing anything and talking things over considering Chiyu is his girlfriend. I mean, it’s his right after all, to confront his girlfriend with his feelings and tell him about his jealousy. Then again, he lives a conceited life fueled with pride. I guess having him defeated by Haru in that amazing comeback victory was a well-deserved wake-up call for him to set things straight.

Despite how Kuroyuki hates her avatar, I have to agree with Haru about how badass it looks. Maybe it’s because of Otaku preferences. This makes me wonder though, what did Kuroyuki dream that granted her such an avatar? Haru dreamed of a flying crow but what about her? Likewise, what about Cyan Pile?

And as the episode ends, we get to see Haru still overthinking things and witnessing how much his relationship with Kuroyuki has progressed. And for some reason, I really like this pacing. After Haru’s emo trip over the past few episodes, the fact that he’s in good terms with her and seeing her well is proof of how he’s beginning to change. I consider his current relationship with Kuroyuki as a reflection of how he sees himself differently now. I wonder if he’d further deepen that relationship.



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  1. x
    May 06, 2012 @ 02:03:07

    This episode met the anticipation I had for it from the ending of the last one. It was nice to see most things come out in the open. I guess there will be consequences of course. Haru’s monologues in this episode was a tiny bit too long for my taste :p, though it works well for the scenes. Towards the end of the episode it felt a little rushed, but I can live with that ;).

    For the issues in the friendship between Taku, Haru and Chiyu, the main issue is less about who was wrong, and more about growing up, lack of communication and simply teenage angst :p. It’s just the lack of maturity that caused the problems that they had to become such a big deal. One could argue that neither Chiyu nor Taku was ready for a relationship, but the relationship did help them grow significantly. Getting defeated by Haru, in something Taku had confidence in, changed everything for both of them. Taku wouldn’t see Haru as someone to be pitied upon any more, and this will change his perspective on a lot of things since his world view seem to have been revolving around his two friends. As for Haru, well, as evident from many who watch this show, most people do not understand him, much less be able or willing to help him. To me, it’s a miracle that he had someone like Kuroyuki who was able to reach out to him :). Now with Haru being able to feel less inferior to Taku, he has taken a few steps forward at least.


  2. baka~
    May 06, 2012 @ 02:38:41


    “Towards the end of the episode it felt a little rushed, but I can live with that”

    If you’re talking about Kuroyuki’s declaration then I have to agree with that. Even Taku was simply “watching the show” unfold before him. If anything, it felt so theatrical.

    I do agree with what you said about the three of them. Well considering the age range of our characters, they are too young to be indeed indulging themselves in such relationship but well, aside from the fact that it was the author’s setup, I guess this is one of the perks of being young (i’m sounding more like a geezer). While the resolution still feels awkward, I guess this is a learning lesson for the three of them. The question now is how Chiyu would take it. Will she really believe that such a program (Brain Burst) exist?


  3. x
    May 06, 2012 @ 03:57:46


    I was referring to from after Taku was defeated all the way to the end of the episode, the storytelling felt a little forced, as if skipping a lot of details due to running out of time. As for theatrics, Kuroyuki has that tendency I guess. Not the first time. Even when she confessed to Haru, there were some theatrics in there XD. It’s sort of like a personality trait ;).

    I have to admit I didn’t pay enough attention to this part of the story when I read the manga, so I don’t remember if anything was mentioned about this :p. I suppose having both Taku and Haru tell Chiyu should be convincing enough. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if she will have doubts. Also, I do wonder if they will actually tell her about it. Might they have second thoughts about telling her “everything”?


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