The Badass Runaway Bride

With a surprising turn of events, the crew found themselves skipping the process of rescuing Jenny from an entire armada and instead, running away from them. I personally felt disappointed that their issues were instantly cut in half because of the development but whatever.

When all this thing started, Marika has been learning the ropes of being a pirate and 17 episodes later, she has displayed her skill and knowledge, not just as a pirate but of someone who knows how to manipulate the business. I have to say, stimulating Show-san with an offer he can’t refuse is pretty much crafty of her well, it was Jenny’s offer but having him hear the contents of the contract in order to win their side was genius.

I’m expecting Jenny’s arc to be over by the next episode before the series begin its run on its final adventure. I wonder how things would go well for the girls now that they have to confront… er… armed groups and thugs for hire?


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  1. x
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 21:17:01

    This arc still feels too silly to me for some reason. It’s almost too surreal. I do wonder if Chiaki sometimes regret setting this up. That kiss (twice) was definitely over the top XD. Despite all the denials, this is an elaborate elopement plan ;), and our captain have been taken along for the ride. Show-san said, “you girls are going to be scary in 10 years”. I’d beg to differ, I think they are scary as they are right now :p.


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