Because traps are made to be stepped on

And so i’ve read that this series is getting too much hype with absolutely bullshit material. I don’t know if what I read was true so I decided to take a dip…

For starters, let’s say that KyoAni still has that magic. They do quality animation and back it up by amazing voice cast but story-wise, I can’t even imagine where this story is headed. Excuse me for my lack of foresight but most series that aired already showed hints of where they are headed and this one doesn’t even tell a bit of it and honestly, it’s not so inviting to predict where an uninteresting slice of life show is headed.

You look retardedly cute

But well, the thing with traps is that we subconsciously want to test it. In my case, I’ll just dig my own grave *again* and see where my faith leads me… At least, having to hear Nakamura and Satou this season is one of the perks of this show.


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  1. x
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 01:21:11

    Animation wise this look great. Voice cast is good as well. The “cute” factor seems over the top in this episode at least XD.

    This episode left me a little confused as to what time of day some scenes were. The way it flowed left me with the same impression as watching Amnesia, disjointed and a bit confusing (if I pretend I never read the manga :p). The art and animation is way better than Amnesia of course :p.

    I took a peek at the first two chapters that is covered by the first episode. Seem like it had been simplified a little (some of the nuances seem to have been lost). The second part of the episode seem to have either come from a different chapter of the novel or is a significant anime only original. Also, the elaborate animation of Chitanda when she stares at Oreki is 100% anime original XD. I’ll probably try to avoid reading more chapters until after the anime ends.

    I do like the characters and how they are portrayed. The premise of the story seem interesting. Though this look like it will mostly be slice-of-life-ish with a mystery twist. I think it is good enough to watch, though I can understand why some might not pick it up due to having too many to watch this season.


  2. Anime
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 13:08:13

    I’m still planning to watch the series because I like the art work very much! Though If I’ve read so much negativity about the show then I won’t dip in. I have faith in the anime community! just be careful filtering out which one speaks the truth, and which one are just pure non-sense. I just hope that everything works well in the following episodes


  3. x
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 02:04:37


    Heh, Daiz MIA again huh? Well, horrible isn’t that bad. Not for Amnesia I would think.

    Nyaruko continues to be fun. Zetman continues to feel rushed (but still good for the most part). Amnesia (for better or worst) seems more of the same.

    With all the anime for this season that caught my interest started, I’m really watching too many this season. There’s still AKB48 (which I’ll peek at the first ep), but I don’t expect myself to like it :p. Surprisingly, unlike previous seasons, the interesting anime series this season seem much more spread out throughout the week (instead of getting bunched up on the weekend). At least two anime per day for all seven days of the week XD. I’ll probably drop some of them at some point, but it’s really hard to decide at this point.


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