Blessings of Despair

I’ve read about it but I never thought Lancer’s death would have this much impact. While Kiritsugu has his points, I still feel sorry for Lancer. That dude has been paired with the worst master and has been treated wrongly in so many levels despite having the most noble intention. I guess this series proves that the Lancer class is the laughing stock of the fate universe despite their default nature of being absolute GAR.

As for Kiritsugu, we get to see more of his pessimistic take on this Holy Grail War. Saber must’ve hit a nerve when she accurately guesses Kiritsugu’s younger aspirations and it is ironic how Emiya Shiro inherited such traits from him. Could there be some philosophical realization that made Kiritsugu change his beliefs during the war?


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  1. x
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 18:35:49

    I’d think that Kiritsugu changed his beliefs long before this round of the war started. Knowing all that he knew about the the mage world, experiencing all that he had before all of this as an assassin, and maybe even before all that, he had to have changed his beliefs. The irony is that his beliefs are just as highly flawed as Saber’s. He criticises battlefield, yet he is just continuing the battle with a different excuse that is no better than any other (according to his own logic for doing what he does). They have different values and technique, but in the end, it just continues the seemingly never ending chain of battles.

    As for Lancer, sigh. It’s sad, though not unexpected. The way this was presented, the heavy weight that was carried in conversations made this episode shine. I wish many other anime with lots of conversations could come close to this level :p.


  2. Kuuki
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 23:26:27

    I couldn’t help to think about how Lancer’s death was similar’s to Nobunaga’s, forced to committ suicide by an evil bastard.

    Surprisingly, this episode me like Kiritsugu a lot more than before.


  3. feal87
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 04:06:04

    Well Lancer words proved true. The grail will bring a disaster…:D


  4. baka~
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 11:24:12


    Kiritsugu’s views may be his own hypocrisy but it is something that he gained through experience. In the end, we can hardly blame him for his beliefs


    I’m not sure if I ‘like’ Kiritsugu’s opinion after this episode since his stubbornness reminds me of Archer of FSN but I do like his style of fighting. Well, manipulating Kayneth to kill Lancer and having him killed without breaching the contract is pretty damn smart of him.


    yeah, and Lancer’s curse carried itself til Fate Ataraxia 😀


  5. x
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 15:55:59


    Yeah, I wouldn’t “blame” him in that sense, just as I don’t blame most of the other characters in this story.


    I’m not sure I ‘like’ any of the characters in this story. Though I can’t get myself to ‘hate’ any of them :p.


    With the huge number of victims in this “war”, I’m sure Lancer isn’t the only one to curse it ;).


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