The Cost of Power

I’m not THAT religious but let’s compare the goals of Brain Burst, or rather, the goals of Kuroyuki as man’s only way to meet God. What if God decided to give everyone a chance to meet him at the expense of all his creation? That he would have all of them fight against each other and the victor would be given the chance to meet him?

While it has not been evidenced since we have only seen Haruyuki battle once, it makes me wonder if the purpose of Brain Burst is to surpass the limits of human potential. The boundless world generated by human imagination realized in neuro-link technology and Brain Burst.

And in a similar manner, reflective to how we live our lives on the present, is this series also calling to us to inspire or perhaps, hope of what we can do beyond the reason of “being human” or does it intend to teach something more? something different?

My soliloquy aside, this series has been doing a good job in creating the “background” to drive Haruyuki on what needs to be done. It’s quite an interesting idea to note how the setting have established itself so that the Kings of Pure Color were once comrades who played an mmo. Along the way, they may have helped and guided each other but upon learning the conditions for reaching into new heights, they decided to stop and leave the world as it is.

This reminded me back then when I played Ragnarok Online and similarly, World of Warcraft. Before the next episode were released and the level cap improved, people at their current max levels would do the same thing. They would join raids, farm, and commit themselves to random adventures and for a time, it was good. The world viewed by a max level is probably different from a world viewed by a lowbie but over time, it became boring. To do the things you do with no more variety to it and in retrospect, this may be what Kuroyuki felt and the reason why she decided to break the peace.

Lastly, for some reason I don’t get annoyed at Haruyuki’s complex. This may be bias but his circumstance reflects mine strongly that while I admit to have hated myself, I can’t bring myself to hate another like me. I wonder if he’ll be able to find his answer to his existence in the future.


I really love Sachika Misawa’s engrish which I find to be more fluent than the rest of the seiyuu I’ve heard so far. I wonder if she’d be given the chance to speak in whole sentences XD


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  1. x
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 05:38:38

    lol. Yeah her Engrish is more fluent than most (I think I’ve heard some just as good or better though).

    As for Kuroyuki’s reason to break the peace the way she did, I’d say it’s hard to really know why until we find out more about the other members of the seven and the full story of what happened back then. I do agree with her reasoning for doing so, but I get the impression that she might be hiding something.

    I wasn’t really annoyed by Haruyuki’s complex either, actually I was more annoyed by Chiyuri :p. At any rate, compared to characters in many other anime, the characters here are not as annoying.

    Speaking of annoying characters, I watched Tsuritama episode 2. The characters are annoying, but so far it doesn’t get too bad (yet) XD. It’s like watching Penguindrum without pretty girls in the main cast (for now at least) and without the mind twisting (for now at least). The story seems a lot more straight forward than Penguindrum (that’s not saying much I guess, since a lot of things are more straight forward :p). It could turn into a complete disaster later of course, but for now I’ll keep watching.


  2. baka~
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 09:43:46

    Well, Chiyuri represents the stereotypical meddling friend, or that’s what it feels like to me, and that’s quite understandable for her to be annoying but like you said, not as annoying as other characters in anime.

    As for Tsuritama, I guess i’m being cruel to not give it another chance. I guess it just doesn’t appeal to me as strongly as I expected it =/


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