Super Pilot

So as expected, Woolf dies, Asemu powers up and uses the full potential of Double Bullet and Flit heads out. At this point, the death flag has also been raised on Obright and Flit, especially the latter since he finally decides to join the fray. If things go as expected, Zeheart kills Flit and he gets to have his showdown with Asemu.

Even though this dude lacks character development, I do hope he gets to have his happy ending.

An acquaintance pointed out how the Double Bullet resemble the METEOR system in SeeD but only more portable and a whole lot more versatile. Putting into consideration, one of the drawbacks of the METEOR system is the fact that it is bulky and it reduces agility in exchange for extreme firepower. In Double Bullet’s case, it has the beam saber and a couple of missiles that METEOR has, only with a dramatically improved mobility. It may not pack the extreme destruction that METEOR could provide but it’s damn right scary on it’s own.


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