I don’t think that I am a hardcore [Maybe] fan but for fuck’s sake why did they mess up the quality?!

Tasogare X Otome Amnesia IS one of the series that I was highly anticipating so I expected visual goodness that would even come close to [Maybe]’s style but i’ll be damned!


What the hell happened?! What the fuck is this garbage?! Why does the character designs feel more unappealing when compared to their manga counterparts?

As for the episode itself, I felt that I’v read this part in the manga but I can’t remember the specific chapter =/

The pilot episode is actually an edited version of the manga. While I think this is a good start for this series, considering it shed some light to the relationships between the characters, what the paranormal activities club does and a shallow understanding of each of their circumstances, this somehow messed up the timeline especially Kirie’s introduction which would play out a huge factor for this series.

Is there a reason why they turned this into a bell?

Well, as long as they limit the unnecessary anime-original content and it does not veer off the overall impact of the story then the only issue i’ll be frowning on would be the character designs.


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  1. Keiri
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 23:19:34

    Oh boy… I haven’t watched the first episode yet but I’m reading the manga and I kinda expected the Anime would somehow follow the source to a certain extent but it seems not in certain aspects? Nothing irks me more than seeing an adaptation ruin the goodness of the original. I’ve become somewhat reluctant to watch this now but since it’s a bit early to assume the rest of the series will sink into the same pattern, I guess we can hold out a little longer to see what this show has to offer? :/

    Besides that, I think my ears NEED to get used to some of the revised voice cast. Was a little down they didn’t get the seiyuu from the drama CDs for the Anime but hey, I’m especially happy they at least nabbed Hara Yumi to reprise Yuuko’s role♥♥♥. Been following her career closely since she first made her debut in 2008 (Love her partly because of her voice, partly because of her singing and partly because she happens to be one of Mingosu’s favorite victims when it comes to teasing and sexual harassment). She’s more involved in games and drama CDs but she’s one to watch if you’re looking to keep track of seemingly new voices in the Anime industry.

    Ah-… There I go again rambling about the voice cast. Sorry… I should learn to keep my mouth shut more about them. m(__)m

    Anyway, it’s been a while! \(^ ^)

    Hopefully I can get back to reading and commenting on blog posts again soon once I’ve settled down from work. Haven’t touched a single show from Winter 2011/2012 and haven’t even finished watching Fate/Zero Season 1. And now Season 2 is airing. ARGH!! orz


  2. x
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 05:16:19

    Heh. Given that this is by the same director and studio who did C3, I’d say it looks much better than I feared. I didn’t like the way they did this first episode. If this was the second or third episode I probably wouldn’t mind as much, but as an introduction, this felt too confusing and unpolished. However, having seen what they did in C3, I’m not entirely surprised that this turn out like this. I was somewhat expecting it to be worst. The art quality so far has been mostly better than what I remembered from C3 (but they still have many episodes to come to mess that up further :p). If I didn’t know the source material, I might have dropped this due to how unpolished everything seem to be. But knowing the source material, and with a much lowered expectation (due to the mess I saw in C3), this was mostly okay to watch (for now at least).


  3. baka~
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 01:44:57


    KEIRIIIIII ❤ You bastard! How dare you go awol for a long time XD

    But seriously, don't kill yourself over work and do find the time to catch up on anime 😀

    And I miss your seiyuu fangirling! ❤


    I haven't watched C3 though I have to admit that I downloaded its OP songs due to musical goodness. That aside it seems that you're quite disappointed with the anime adaptation of C3. Was it really that bad?


  4. x
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 09:17:42


    I liked the OP songs as well. There were a lot of things to like about C3 (which was why I ended up watching the entire season XD), but overall it was a disappointment. Animation quality was all over the map in my opinion. I’m still not sure what they were going for with some of the colour choices. Some of the animation was good, some of it was just really bad. The story felt too rushed and seemed to imply lots of things that were never really resolved by the end of the anime. It’s not an anime I would recommend to anyone, unless they are starved for harem anime with quirky characters. Then again, I think there are many other better anime in this genre :p. If I were to compare with other recent anime that is similar (in genre/characters/quality/etc), I’d say it is like Hidan no Aria. Though some might rate C3 slightly lower than that, personally I found it mostly similar in quality, with C3 doing some things better and some things worst.


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