Because being an X-Rounder is too mainstream

And I sense a motherfucking death flag circling around Woolf. But damn, this episode just proves that Asemu is really a dumbass. Woolf has been saying this shit a few episodes ago and he still didn’t get it. For someone who graduated with honors, it’s quite disappointing that he’s this slow to pick up. Perhaps he DOES need the helmet but not for piloting the Gundam or becoming stronger.

With this, I hope that Asemu finally sets his mind right on track and learn to trust his instincts more than the technology made available for him. I wonder if he’ll awaken his super pilot abilities next episode and once, God forbid, Woolf dies.


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  1. x
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 15:02:10

    Seems rather painful to watch ;), not that I care to pick this up :p.


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