The few fucks that I gave

Seeing Ai Kayano blossom into such a talented seiyuu is probably the best thing that this anime had to offer. I was expecting her to go pyscho-batshit crazy as Mana as her portrayal hinted how she could pull it off. Too bad she wasn’t given the chance. It would be interesting though if she actually had a pure villainous role. Come to think of it, I read that her role as Itsuwa from To Aru has a batshit mode… I wonder if i’ll be able to hear her by then.

But all in all, she’s simply amazing during this season as well as the previous one. She had a lot of different roles that shed light to her talent as a seiyuu and my God! She’s so damn good! Hat’s off to you Ai Kayano ❤

As much as I hate Daryl, I’m quite surprised to see how amazing Uchiyama Kouki transformed into such a great seiyuu. Well, there’s nothing special with his voice but his acting proves how capable he is in portraying good protagonists or just evil assholes.

If anything, this also is the season of Yuuki Kaji. He didn’t stand out much in my book but seeing him do geeky roles (Konekomaru from Ao no Exorcist) to whining protaginists-turned-emo leaders I think he does have some talent. I also looked up his profile in ANN and was surprised to see a lot of roles. I guess he just doesn’t stand out too much.

Final thoughts about Guilty Crown would be shitty anime with crappy story but I have to admit, the producers took so much advantage with its powerful seiyuu cast, amazing visuals, asses, boobs, and other fanservice, Hiroyuki Sawano and Supercell.


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  1. x
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 17:46:22

    Heh, GC is just an overbudget anime with a terrible story but talented cast in voice, art, music, .. etc. It had me going for it for a long while (distracting me with everything they had from the story and plot), but I just couldn’t throw my brain away half way through the second half to “enjoy” the rest. Like it or not, this sold really well. I imagine even if there were no sequels to this one, they probably would make more of this particular flavour of anime. I guess I’ll know when to drop an anime like this one the next time I encounter it, on the first episode or even before :p.


  2. Kuuki
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 20:43:15

    Actually, I laughed throughout the whole episode. I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to do that.
    And I’m REALLY disappointed by Gai’s character.

    As for Kaji Yuuki his voice is pretty un-noticeable, until he lands a main character and then you have to notice because he speaks all the time.
    My favorite kind of character of his are of the psycho kind.


  3. baka~
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 03:02:46


    it was an eye-candy and eargasm trap. Well, you can actually compare it to BRS. Both are traps in a way but the reason why BRS > GC is because of the number of episodes it aired. For some reason, most of us tend to be forgiving to anime with crap story but straight to the point encounters and this is what BRS had. It’s short and concise and it sold itself well without boring some of us.


    There have been a lot of characters in this naime with suck development. Yahiro could be a more interesting schemer but they decided to give him salvation. The same goes with Daryl and as for Gai, his “I became the devil” speech pretty much gave away the Geass reference.


  4. x
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 03:53:57


    Well the same could be said for Penguindrum (in terms of would be a lot better with less episodes), but I would still say Penguindrum > GC. My trouble with GC might be less with the story per se, and more with the execution of the story. BRS’s execution was a lot better than GC even if one took into account how short it was. Even with the confusing set up in BRS, I found it compelling enough to want to watch to the end (if they dragged it out like in Penguindrum, I might have had a different opinion XD). GC’s set up is actually easier to understand, but I just didn’t feel like I needed/cared to watch more. Also, eye candy wise, GC pretty much ran out of things to show by the end of the first half. Judging from the screenshots of the last two episodes that I have seen, I don’t think I missed much eye candy wise.


    The only characters that would be less likely to disappoint in this anime would be the ones that had the least amount of development :p.


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