Crossing the Heavens

I really like SnH more than Alastor probably because he's not as strict as the latter and, for a god, he's someone who gives a fuck to what his people say.

I don’t know what’s left to fight for after Yuji and Sarei no Hebi pulled a good one on them. I wasn’t really expecting the entire thing to be a trap and the real creation of Xanadu would occur once Reiji Maigo activates. I have to say, it was fucking brilliant.

But I guess, all the slaughter that the Flame Hazes did wasn’t left in vain. I’m quite surprised that the denizens actually agreed for such a world where they won’t feed on humans. Maybe in the end, that conscious desire that the Flame Hazes wanted for them to understand have been conveyed by a long history of blood shed.

Come to think of it, why did the denizens consume humans in the first place? Was this similar to one’s hunger where they require to eat for nourishment in order to survive? If so, as wicked as it may seem, it does make sense as to how they consume humans. Much like how we eat anything that we can when left without a choice, I guess these denizens also felt the same way.

Oh and what’s up with the Engage Link’s baby? I really didn’t get any of that. Is that child symbolic of a new life that the denizens should portray in the new world? It would make sense if the denizens wished for Xanadu to be created with such rules that prohibit human consumption for the sake of that unborn child.

As with all wars, prominent figures have to go down in history but I was surprised that it was only Khamsin who died. Unlike the prominent deaths all-throughout this season, Khamsin has been someone who has been with the main cast since season 1. Well yeah, the professor died but I don’t really care about him.

I don’t know if it’s quite convenient but maybe what SnH needed in order to succeed in his plan centuries ago was a perfect opportunity like this. I mean, he had Sakai Yuji who has become quite a brilliant strategist on his own, and the imba hax Reiji Maigo. And compared to the battle centuries ago where a lot of powerful Flame Hazes banded together to kick his ass, I think it’s by some sweet stroke of luck that Sophie didn’t join the fray nor even the four gods of the earth didn’t attempt to stop the creation of Xanadu. Well, I just can’t help but wonder wtf happened back then. Why are they so against this creation of a world? Ah whatever, at least Bal Masque won and now, Yuuji has to confront Shana and duke it out with her one last time.

So uh, like with most couples, will there be some compulsory after-battle sex?


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  1. x
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 04:12:06

    So one more episode to go (should be broadcasted within the next day or so). Compulsory after-battle what? After all that’s happened? Probably, one would hope it better be epic as well after going through all that trouble. I doubt it will be part of the episode though :p.


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