The Wisdom of a Loli

This is a subjective claim but if I were to interpret why most of my lolicon brethren would prefer 2d lolis over flat out pedophilia, it would be the fact that lolis in anime/manga always hold a mature level of intelligence. That is to say, they have a body of more or less a jailbait but a mature mindset of a 20 or so year old. They may never be a sage but their way of thinking sometimes go on par, or perhaps, beyond than the viewer’s way of thinking. Especially that of a lolicon.

So it was a Miu-ccentric episode where we get to see a bit of Miu’s woes. Considering how she seem to have it easy, smiling and all ever since this living together started, we never get to see how Miu’s take of things. How adjusting to such a life was difficult for her as well as how she has to adapt to the changes that’s shaping up in her life. Her perfect image may have suffered a bit but this episode is quite reassuring on how level-headed she is despite of things going on in her life.

X already had something to say about Yuuta’s suffering but still, seeing how Nimura described how everyone is pitching in and giving their aid is just fantasy! I know that this IS anime but letting my pessimism and negativity take over, I just can’t accept how this bastard have it easy! I guess I’m just not fond of characters being given help. Not that help should be unwanted but how will a character develop (especially a main protagonist!) if he can’t face his problems with his own strength?! I get it that sometimes, protagonists should rely with the help of others but so far, this anime has never shown us a battle that Yuuta can win. And no, taking his nieces by declaring them to live with him isn’t even a victory.


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  1. x
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 22:27:08

    Miu is probably my favourite character in this anime. That’s not saying much though, since I don’t find any of the characters that interesting. The male voices seem better than the early episodes.

    As for Yuuta … well, as you say, this is anime :p. I don’t expect much character development from Yuuta. I just don’t see how he will be able to grow much with the kind of attitude he has. Sort of remind me of Ichika from Infinite Stratos, but even Ichika had battles that he had to win and a determination to do so ^^;. I would be happy if we even see character developments from any character over the course of this anime (though I doubt we will see anything really significant).

    After thinking about the scenario that was set up in this anime more, and knowing what the characters are like, I’d say that the girls would probably had better chance at character development if the girls went with their relatives separately. Yuuta on the other hand seem to be a lost cause :p.


  2. x
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 01:33:49

    Seems like this anime turn out to be only twelve episodes (I thought it was going to be two cour… sigh). Kind of disappointing. Even less chance of seeing anything significant with Yuuta :p. Two or three more episodes to go. I guess it will end the story around where the first volume of the novel ended. I’m predicting that the next episodes might be Sora centric, the one after that probably Hina centric, then the finale?


  3. x
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 03:46:19


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