Burn this in your memory!!

I don’t know how altering the rules would affect the creation of Xanadu. Does this mean that whoever disobeys them would get obliterated in an instant? How? But yeah, good job to Shana for making sense and making ends meet. Despite Yuuji being unhappy about it, I think it’s a good way for Shana to have used such a condition to forcibly come to an agreement. I mean, Yuuji gets his new world, and Shana ensures that no “human” gets consumed over there. It’s a splendid win-win situation for both of them!

But wait, why stop there especially if you have the advantage over your argument? So in order to cement the rules that Shana imposed, they literally had to make an example out of everyone. How? By SLAUGHTERING the denizens aiming to live happily over the new world! And Flame Hazes are supposed to be the good guys!

In the future, when Crimson Denizen Derp asks his grandpa how humans tasted, the old survivor would reply that “He was there” when his family and friends got fucked up over by Flame Hazes and would even show a scar or two to prove how he had it rough and that, from then on, he vowed not to eat humans. The End.


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