A Recap of Emotion Slaying

In order to help me understand how this anime’s system works, I posted some previous battles where the avatars/Playful Birds have received lethal damage and what effect (I assume) it caused to their respective, real life counterparts.

Black Rock Shooter vs Chariot

Heavily damaged by being sawed on the chest/stomach

Black Rock Shooter vs Dead Master

Heavy damage by being squeezed by chains

Heavy damage by… beating her ass

Black Rock Shooter vs Chariot

Lethal damage by decapitation

Black Rock Shooter vs Kohaku(?)

Lethal damage by decapitation

Inferring from the previous battles, heavy wounds cause a change in a person’s opinion but lethal ones causes a complete change in personality. This doesn’t mean that girls whose Playful Birds get killed turn for the better. For instance, take a look at Matou as BRS who was sawed and drilled. She turned to a spiteful individual for the duration of their “fight” against both Yomi and Kagari. Kagari also became a foul-mouth individual while Kohaku, in the assumption that it was her avatar that was killed, turned to deny the painful feeling that she suffered.

Then again, concerning Kohaku’s case, it may not even be her avatar that was decapitated since her self-defense adheres to Saya’s philosophy of “A regenerating heart to the point that it won’t be harmed again”. If this was the case, the one that BRS decapitated may even be some other character that Matou “helped” earlier.

Moving on, if these Playful Birds are embodiments one’s stress and frustration, does this mean that BRS only exist whenever Matou is stressed over something? Like the time when she wants to reach out to Yomi or when she snaps at bitch-mode Kagari?

Also, assuming Black Gold Saw manages to kill Black Rock Shooter, applying the above idea, will this force Matou to abandon her personality of getting stressed over her friends, transforming her into someone like Kohaku who suppresses her memories?

If this would be the case then this battle royale between Playful Birds would decide who “literally” wins over an argument by sending their intentions via their emotions. Take for instance, Matou’s intention of freeing Kagari when BRS decapitated Chariot or in the assumption that Black Gold Saw kills Black Rock Shooter, the intention of “A regenerating heart to the point that it won’t be harmed again” will override Matou’s personality.

I have to say though, this complicated setup makes some things clear and pretty much interesting so i’m really looking forward to the upcoming developments especially after BRS seem to malfunction and the mystery of Yu’s identity and her role in all this.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 23:49:56

    I’m still confused as ever before XD. I do agree that it is really interesting. So far with this show, despite knowing more, I stay confused. Though I can see that things are coming together. It’s like watching someone solving a puzzle (that they have solved previously before), purposely putting the pieces that do not give enough hints as to what the picture is about first.

    One thing that surprises me most in every episode is how it challenges my assumptions about the story and plot. I find myself unconsciously assuming some things that might be implied turn out to be not true in the next episode.

    Remind me of Penguindrum. Though Penguindrum made it way more elaborate and somewhat pointless most of the time, pissing me off :p. Having three times more episodes also didn’t help XD. If only Penguindrum was as short as BRS :p.


  2. baka~
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 00:35:35

    Well in a way, BRS’ style of leaving bread crumbs to be used later as plot devices is pretty much similar with Wakaki’s in Kaminomi but would be less inconspicuous. We know it’s there but for what reason?

    And yes, this is strongly similar with Penguindrum in this sense but the fact that it is shorter may be one of this anime’s strongest points. Though, if the plot was different, such as that of the manga, I would probably love it if this ran for 12-24 episodes


  3. x
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 21:59:49

    Yeah, similar to Kaminomi. Well, if the plot were different, I would have enjoyed Penguindrum as well :p. On the other hand, if Penguindrum was as short as BRS, I would have watched it till the end and somewhat enjoyed it instead of being too annoyed to continue watching XD. I enjoy BRS much more than Penguindrum, despite its flaws, partly because it doesn’t drag things out I guess. BRS sometimes remind me of GC with the confusing/misleading and jarring presentation/development of the characters. Though the worst episode of BRS does character development way better than the best episode GC :p.

    Just watched the latest episode. Had more of my own assumptions turn out to be wrong again :p. More is revealed, but I’m still puzzled by a lot of things. Similar to Penguindrum in the early episodes for me, though I can tell with BRS that there’s a point to all the sub-plots and whatnots. Whereas with Penguindrum I did not.


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