Resounding Voice

If there’s a very good reason why I still favor listening to anime/Japanese songs, it’s this.

There’s nothing particularly special with this episode of Symphogear but Tsubasa’s decision to leave and sing for overseas is something I wasn’t expecting. Does this mean that Hibiki will be forced to fight solo from now on? And Kurisi still has her doubts on so many things. Not wanting to trust adults just because she was used is one logical thing but doubting Hibiki’s kindness, a girl from her age group, is another. I can’t blame her though, she’s been through shit and all but with only a few episodes left, I hope she can find her resolution.

Sometimes, I can’t draw a distinction between her facade and her bitch-mad scientist self. She may have portrayed herself as this show’s antagonist but for a woman of science, there must be something that she’s after; A truth, so to speak, that she wishes to unravel even if she had to stain her hands with the suffering of others.


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