Blood Ties

THAT Desil?

And what a convenient way to endure enough time skips by simply preserving your body in cold sleep. I wonder if Desil will be able to have a reunion with Flit and settle the scores once and for all. I guess his annoying behavior still hasn’t changed. He may have grown but he’s still a childish asshole.

Now the main highlight of this episode would be Zeheart donning the legendary “mask” passed on to notable antagonists of the Gundam franchise as well as his new mobile suit which I think is a reference to Char’s Sazabi in terms of design.

What I really loved with this episode was how Zeydra and AGE-2’s fight started. The way Zeydra measured AGE-2 reminded me of Wing’s first encounter with the Tallgeese.

Like with the Talgeese, there’s nothing much exceptional with Zeydra in terms of armaments except for the mobility and seeing as to how it was able to equal AGE-2’s speed and combat capabilities, the deciding factor for that battle was the fact that Zeheart IS an X-Rounder while Asem has no signs yet. This makes me wonder if being an X-Rounder is a hereditary ability or is this inherited. Take for instance, Flit’s development of the ability when Yurin touched his hand and probably awakened his own potential as an X-Rounder.


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