Watching as my insides swirl

Bitch, nobody messes with Heavy Arms Kai!!

From TerriBad to HalfBad may be the most gracious consideration i’m giving this anime

So per X’s suggestion, I decided to give this anime another chance and while the singing-while-fighting still sucks balls, this anime turns out to have a decent plot as I anticipated. Plot-wise, this may even be better, more coherent, and easily readable than Guilty Crown and Penguindrum. For everything else, it flows to the level of meh. For the singing part, just kill me already.

So getting over the singing part requires me fast-forwarding the entire scene unless there’s conversation (subs) that I have to read or i’m absolutely distracted by the fight animation (which doesn’t help when Hibiki is fighting since she’s not too flashy yet). Speaking of which, if there’s one thing that I absolutely enjoy in this anime, it would be the fights.

I remembered how I used to love the attack moves displayed in Needless and this anime did it the same, flashy way. Well, not just Tsubasa showing off her moves but Kurisu as well. Hibiki just sucks since she has yet to master her abilities (her efforts are commendable in recent episodes) but I believe she’s getting there.

Forgive my rudeness, I don't have any intention of discriminating but... UUUURRRRRRKKKKKK!!! BBBARRRRRFFFFF!!!

Oh and this anime IS a seiyuu trap. While it still makes me groan hearing Sawashiro’s Engrish and Yuuki Aoi’s ear-bleeding singing, let us not forget that this anime holds a fucking powerful cast. They do their roles so damn well that I can endure the shit that would otherwise burn my eardrums.


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  1. x
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:18:17

    Welcome on board XD. Yeah, the Engrish and the singing (meh) still gets to me when there’s an extended scene, but the (imho) well portrayed characters and easy to follow (and somewhat interesting) plot (with very little to annoy me so far) makes up for it. Not to mention the eye candy and fancy fighting action as well, of course ;).


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