Here it comes!!

And here I was, naively expecting for everything to end so damn well in this episode only for things to take a turn for the worse. With Sora and Miu deciding to delay their schooling in order for Hina to study and Yuuta seeing ready to make an argument about it, comes the bitch-old landlady… Now let’s see how Yuuta escapes from this shit.


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  1. x
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 11:56:24

    This was one of the first the question I had when this anime began (why was he not evicted? 😉 ). This was never mentioned this issue in the novel I think (not sure about the manga/spinoffs). Given how indiscreet they have been (I guess one can’t expect these girls to be anything but), I was half expecting him to get kick out immediately :p. I guess there are still contracts to be followed, and she does take his situation into consideration even when evicting him XD. I suppose the set up is almost complete now. We just need the girls to be convince to go back to school, classes to start for our protagonist, and the mayhem will escalate.


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