Gods be praised!!!

So instead of properly introducing the start of Tsukihi’s arc, what we had was Koyomi briefing us on what her abnormality really is (that she’s immortal?) then presented us with the most disturbing yet stimulating way to brush our teeth.. er… the teeth of others.

And since I am a seiyuu fan, having to hear KitaEri moan so convincingly like that gives me a gush of nosebleed from intense eargasm ❤

God bless this anime!!


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  1. x
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:06:29

    There was no way I could have prepared myself for this episode XD (despite hearing lots of talk about the teeth brushing). Funny how we get to see a totally different side of Karen right when the second arc (which is suppose to focus on Tsukihi) begins. It’s as if Karen’s complaining that she didn’t get enough screen time in her arc :p. Koyomi’s ability to make girls fall for him by “saving” them when they are in distress seem to work on almost anybody I guess.


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