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Shinobu’s disturbing, yet inviting proposal aside, I find myself surprised how everything turned out to be quite civil to Kaiki’s resolution, with the only casualty being Araragi thanks to her brutal sister.

Bakemonogatari has always been an anime filled with wordplay for me and this episode had a lot of substantial stuff in it. Unlike Koyomi’s bullshit everyday attitude, I was surprised for him to impart adult wisdom to his sister. Sure, he gets to exchange stuff like that with the rest of the cast but him conversing to someone considered to be his family just gives off a vibe of a whole different level.

With Karen’s arc coming to a close, I wonder what this series has left in store for us. Will we get to see Koyomi rubbing Shinobu’s DFC? Will they encounter Kaiki again? Will Oshino ever come back? Will there be another supernatural encounter?

This series have been good so far but if they manage to introduce a new arc with the last remaining episodes, I fear they might ruin the pace of this show =|


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  1. x
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 02:28:45

    Well, Tsukihi’s arc is next (which, in the novel, had about nine chapters less than Karen’s arc). There should be less introductions to deal with from now on I suppose, so I hope that helps with the pacing somewhat. Though judging from the amount of wall of text and distracting background animated scenes that appear from time to time, I could see that they have already cut off a lot from the novel.

    This novel series is definitely not easy to animate. I think Nisemonogatari’s long arcs make it even harder than Bakemonogatari. Judging from the number of chapters in the later novels in the series, the arcs mostly gets longer. I wonder how they would handle those… ^^; When this is over, I really want to read the novels (of both Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari) just to see what I missed XD.


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