One Act of Desperation

WTF is wrong with this chapter! Everything feels so goddamn rushed that nothing seem to be making sense! We have one more day before old hell is revived and Katsuragi plans on conquering Ayumi WITH her knowledge, not to mention, bringing Chihiro with her. If she did manage to conquer her, I doubt it would be pure love, a contradiction to how he made the goddesses he conquered feel (except for Diana). And if ever he was successful, what then? Will 2 goddesses, one elit devil, Elsie, and Keima be enough to handle Vintage?

I’m smelling convenience and I honestly don’t like it especially with how it contradicts with Wakaki’s flow of slow but accurate captures. Well, they do have a situation that compliments such methods but I still am not convinced with this pace. If anything, everything just feels off =|


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  1. x
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 13:58:39

    Agreed. It almost feel as if Wakaki got lazy. Then again, there’s the possibility that he is demonstrating how Keima is running out of time and everyone is rushing to (so call) “save the day” (or save the world ^^; ). Specially when one looks at what Keima is doing, it seem like he is trying to catch up with what is going on by skipping the pleasantries and going straight for the kill. Keima is portrayed as trying to force the game to go the way he wants it to, he doesn’t even act the part any more. No idea if this will work in the “real world”, but I do believe that even in many games, the chance of it working is a lot less than 50%.

    What annoys me most right now is that Wakaki doesn’t show what Yuri and Akari are up to at all. In my opinion, they should be playing a more significant role in this arc. Leaving them behind the scenes is typical of this manga, but it annoys me all the same. I’m half expecting a deus ex machina scenario at the end of this arc. Not sure if I’ll like it.


    Symphogear was good this week, despite the singing XD. There’s a lot action (more than last week I think. Though usually that means more singing as well ;)), significant drama and important plot progression. Fun stuff :p.


  2. baka~
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 23:39:05


    What annoys me most right now is that Wakaki doesn’t show what Yuri and Akari are up to at all

    that too. while it feels that this series is coming to an end, the fact that Wakaki still have some things left untouched is very much like him to keep things rolling. if ever the old hell issue got resolved and kaminomi still continues, Wakaki may use the unexplored plot devices he left all over the series to cook up some new trouble… which what I really liked from his style. but as you said, the pacing right now isn’t that much feasible irl when compared with his previous “methods”

    i’m getting interested in symphogear especially after seeing Miyuki Sawashiro go bitch mode from spoilers. i’m downloading the series again just to see if it’s worth it.


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