A knuckle sandwich from kitchen hell

Oh God what did I do now?!

I didn’t expect Shana to suddenly cry out her iconic “BAKA!!” then proceed to feed Yuuji a knuckle sandwich followed by serious fits of rage. WTF?! They’ve been at it for god knows how long with their swords clashing yet Yuuji can’t even dodge a fucking punch?!

Sydonay being a BRO

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, comes along Pheles, extracting Johann, giving Yuuji another BRO tip about love then summoning a getaway vehicle… right in the middle of a motherfucking epic battle!

They hatin'

So what the fuck did they come for anyway? Was it just to take away Yuuji’s sensory abilities? Was that even important? And how come Johann could survive WITHOUT the Reiji Maigo? I thought Johann wouldn’t last a second without the power of existence backing him up, hence the purpose of the treasure tool that replenishes itself at midnight.

Oh and what’s up with Wilhelmina?

Forever Alone??


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