The Wisdom of Undergrads

While this show provides the mystery of how the fuck Segawa Yuuta manages to juggle his studies, part-time works, and banging up his nieces, it does good for this series to have him display mature comments from time to time. Well, scratch the fact that he has no delicacy around girls, the fact that he took it upon himself to support them is no laughing matter but again, it raised the question “How”.

So far, Papakiki has shown us minor issues that he was able to deal with but what about the children’s schooling? His college exams?

Don’t get me wrong though, this anime is warm and fuzzy and I like it but it’s been dodging these questions for awhile and unlike a certain Bunny Drop, i’m not actually convinced that Yuuta can manage all these things.

Well, at least his issues regarding love life will be confronted next week.

Of course, this episode won’t be complete without the complimentary Hina and foursome XD


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  1. x
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 15:11:13

    Well, it hasn’t got to that part yet I guess. It will have to deal with the schooling and whatnots stuff at some point (if my guess is right, we should see some of it after another two episodes or so, then more clarification by episode 13 or so). This episode felt like they were dragging the story out (almost filler like). Hope next week will be more interesting :p.


  2. baka~
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 02:17:29

    While filler-ish, it did properly merit a lot of character development especially after the situation the girls had to face knowing that their parents are gone. well, I’m still skeptical as to how effective it is to tackle such issues early on but I think the pacing of getting over the parents’ death (partly) within the last few episodes did well.


  3. x
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 03:01:48

    This novel had so many spin off mangas XD. One that focus on Sora (shoujo style). One from Miu’s point of view (shoujo style). One that has Hina as the main girl. One for the collage students (though it mostly focus on Raika I think :p). Another for miscellaneous people in the story with each chapter done by different artist (this one also covers the other side of the story about their relatives and whatnots). Of course there’s the main manga that tells the story from Yuuta’s point of view. They really are milking it for all it’s worth.


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