The Hatred that Runs Deep

In a typical Kira-Athrun fashion, Asem find out who Zeheart really is. Aside from the awesome melee combat showcased in this episode between Gundam and Zedas R, I really like how it portrayed the hatred that runs deep within Zeheart and how he regrets to forsake a happy, normal life because of it.

It’s simply not just moral choices that needs to be considered, it’s all about the racism that each suffered from one another, the root conflict that is Vagan and Humans. The perfect example of this would be Flit’s extreme prejudice against the Vagans and Zeheart’s resolve to serve his people that suffered injustice. The one stands between them is Asem.

The question now is whether or not Asem will follow his father’s footsteps of hatred or if he will create his own resolve to protect both the human race and Vagans.

And while i’m being distracted by the internal conflict, let us not forget the capabilities of X-Rounders. Their origins and full extent of their capabilities. It would surely be WTF-sauce if we learn later on that only Vagans have such a power tracing Flit’s, Asem’s and probably, the entire Asuno clan to be originally Vagans.

One thing to note about the above scene is how it raises the question “Is Asem really THAT powerful or did Zedas R just suck?” Asem has yet to awaken his X-Rounder power yet he’s able to go and caught Zeheart off-guard, dealing a clean hit. This was later followed by Zeheart’s comment on how Zedas R was “too slow” to keep up with his reflexes. To be honest, this simple difference in perspective got me excited considering how the it implies that neither of them are weak pilots and in the end, it might be their machines that are different.


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