Today’s friend, Tomorrow’s enemy

Unlike Flit’s generation which handled petty ideals, disregarding moral dilemmas along the way, I’m liking Asem’s story. The flow reminds me strongly of SeeD and while the concept of friendship, love, and mobile suits sounds cheesy as fuck, this appeals strongly to me. Maybe because this reignites the Gundam flair that I have criticized ever since AGE started.

Despite things starting slow, it did cover much buildup in Asem and Zeheart’s relationship, not to mention, the obvious love triangle with Romary. At this point, the outcome of this series may just be as exciting. Will Asem and Zeheart kill each other? Will Romary die? Will Zeheart defect against his race? And what about Flit?

With just a simply buildup, the show simply became quite exciting and i’m honestly looking forward the next episodes especially when Asem realizes who Zeheart is.


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