Been reading Mahou Shoujo Kazumi Magica – The Innocent Malice for some time now and I have to admit, chapters 12 and 13 were downright creepy!

While it was never fully explained why Kazumi HAVE to die, the thought that she’s like a zombie made from previous witches was pretty much creepy. How does the Pleiades saints achieve such cloning and zombification anyways? And why do they NEED to clone Kazumi? Would that even make sense in the first place especially if they decide to scrap her all of a sudden?

I never expected Umika to be capable of altering Jubey’s memories. The question now is whether or not the other incubators knows of this event and how is this little bastard related with the Evil Nuts?

While I’m having doubts whether Kazumi should’ve wished for something better, her decision to spend some more time with her grandma before letting her go to heaven was quite admirable. Even her grandma’s parting words seem to influence Kazumi strongly. Knowing she did turn to a witch, I wonder how her last moments were? Did she try her best living up to her grandmother’s teachings?


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