Glasses Power!!

When you have glasses, you're either hot or scary

Shit just got serious!

I never expected Ichika to be jelly after her awkward moment of retreating when this episode started but at least this episode shows how intelligent enough she is to recognize and be affected this much by human emotions. I also see her response to Lemon during her earlier conversation regarding Ms. A’s circumstance to be quite mature for her age. Her “avoidance” in having relationships just because she’d eventually leave Kaito was something I didn’t expect.

Well, noting this event, we can say that Ichika’s emotions are shallow up to this point. Maybe the conflict escalates later on when Kaito’s affections have their effect.

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  1. x
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 00:03:30

    Hmm, how old is Ichika? Does age matter for this particular alien :p ? She can get really scary at times I guess, didn’t expect her to go that far (remind me of Katsuragi Keima’s mother XD). Love the pacing and direction of this anime so far.


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