As expected, adult Flit has been giving off the vibes of a misguided protagonist, one that has been fueled with hatred for so long that negotiations seem impossible to get through.

I’m not against this though. On the contrary, i’m beginning to like how Flit transformed to an ordinary boy willing to save his loved ones to someone who wants to commit genocide against an entire race. His transformation reminds me of how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader and I have a feeling that he’ll be a key character later on, perhaps, going as far as to introduce a “Death Star” sort-of device that has been common in a Gundam franchise. If anything, i’m looking forward to the irony where Asem kills Flit just to open his eyes.

Now as for Zeheart Galette, I think his relationship with Asem would mirror Athrun Zala’s and Kira Yamato and this may introduce a conflict later on where they may be unable to kill one another due to this friendship. Again, looking at their roots, assuming he IS the son of Decil, I won’t be surprised if he and Asem’s parents go at it with a war using superweapons.

Lastly, i’m loving the design for AGE-2 and I think it’s about the wings and its mobile armor mode that causes such appeal since it reminds me of Wing Gundam. Does the Gundam AGE have to “die” before the AGE builder constructs this one?


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